This site is devoted to the life and artwork of European artist Diego Voci.

We celebrate Diego in recognition of a vast and prolific career for the many collectors that were touched by the product of Diego’s mind's eye and the warmth of his good nature. He lived and breathed his Art. Of the estimated ten thousand plus pieces he painted we proudly present a small sampling herein.

How did this all begin? In May 2008, a woman named Mary Trimmins posted the following inquiry on a popular on-line Art Forum (

“Are there any Diego painting owners out there...I have 5 and would like chat with anyone who has some. I met Diego in the 70's in Germany and became friends…”

The post drew thousands of responses. A common theme in many was a love for the Art and for the Artist, through the experience of meeting Diego in Germany or at one of his shows abroad. Diego’s fame was forged in Europe with the Americans and Servicemen that were stationed in Germany in the 1950s through 1980s. Diego paintings and lithographs scattered the globe with the movements of those who had passed through Diego’s circle. Now, decades after the passing of Diego, his work is being rediscovered and his fame rekindled.

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Each movement had its great masters, but there are very few who could create art unconfined by a single style like DIEGO.
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