This site is devoted to the life and artwork of world renown artist Diego Voci.

We celebrate Diego in recognition of a vast and prolific career for the many collectors that were touched by the product of Diego’s mind's eye and the warmth of his good nature. He lived and breathed his Art. Of the thousands of pieces he painted we proudly present a small sampling herein. Diego’s fame was forged among the Swiss, Germans, Italians and and with the expatriated American and Canadian Servicemen that were stationed in Germany in the 1950s through 1980s. Diego paintings and lithographs scattered the globe with the movements of those who had passed through Diego’s circle. Now, decades after the passing of Diego, his work is being rediscovered and his fame rekindled.

The Diego Voci Art Foundation Mission

The Diego Voci Art Foundation (DVAF) is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization that seeks to preserve the Art of Diego Voci through charitable donations with the objective of organizing the first Diego Voci Art Show in over 40 years. Our mission is one of both art history and art education.  The DVAF Board is represented by: Honorary Chairman of the Board, Helga Voci and Diego’s three American great-nephews, Anthony, Steven and Christopher Voci.

We recognize Margaret Carrow for her generous gift of a Diego Voci Still Life from the Estate of Mary O’Donnell.  Ms. Carrow has entrusted this work to us and we are in the process of raising funds for its full restoration.  The progress of our first preservation project will be presented over a series of Home Page updates in the months to come. 

Please help us in our work and make a tax deductible donation using the button above.  Thank you for your interest and your support !

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Each movement had its great masters, but there are very few who could create art unconfined by a single style like DIEGO.
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